The milled loden of the Hilda.Henri garments stands for a most unique material made from pure nature. To make milled loden it is a traditional method of felting wool using water, heat and friction. Clear water and clean air make in Austria from the finest wool precious milled wool fabrics.

Sheep wool is washed, spun, dyed and knitted. Then fullted, by thermal, mechanical and water. The fabric shrinks in length and width. There are countless tiny air chambers trapped in the fabric and the valuable wool grease lanolin remains in the fabric.This environmentally friendly and ecologically sensitive production method creates a hard-wearing and wonderfully comfortable fabric made from pure new wool.

These temperature-regulating effect ensures a high wearing comfort. The lanolin contained forms a perfect insulating layer that provide a unique climate and comfort in winter as in summer.

Natural fulled fabrics are lightweight, durable, resistant, water repellent and breathable. Manufactured regionally from locally produced natural fibres, the items of clothing are not only made in a fair and environmentally conscious way.

All items from the Hilda.Henri collection are made in Austria and regionally under the rules of traditional exquisite craftmanship.