"Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.“ Pablo Picasso
With our collection SS19  DIARY OF NOW we from Hilda.Henri are celebrating the power of moment matters. There`s no other time of the year where „now“ has such a great impact on our lives. Incidental things like drawing circles in the sand are able to highlight our days. We truly believe in writing history when it happens. Summer days are filled with encounters and farewells. Diary of Now - this melody is meant to be sung in two parts. SS19 has become a line paying tribute to this special attitude to life.
Regarding choice of fabrics we`ve decided to go back to our roots. For this collection we are using only natural fabrics. Stonewashed linen gives our styles a timeless but sophisticated look. For our color palette and patterns we got inspired by American artist Cy Twombly - himself a master of timing and courage. He used to sit in front of the canvas waiting for the perfect moment to start and then finalising without any hesitation.

photography by Christian Ariel Heredia

photo credits by Hilda.Henri Vienna