Hilda.Henri remembers a beloved ritual of childhood: living with our grandparents during summer holidays. These incidents lent a very special character to these summer days: feeling more familiar than going on vacation and less routined than staying at home. Old habits are stumbling. Favourite games have to be played in a new environment - and sometimes turn into an unexpected direction of adventures. Secret observations are leaving deep impressions of wow. A hotchpotch of different smells, tastes and sounds add lots of new colors to the family painting. Rhythm misses its cues - or maybe it`s just more relaxed. From our grandparents we learned that life is made up of tiny details and happiness is found in the little things.

In FLEURS DU MALAPARTE we are approaching these diverse memories in a very gentle way - by using soft colors, both romantic and artistic prints and - thanks to our grandparents`lesson - highest attention to detail.

photos: Monika Pufflerova


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