Hilda.Henri kidsclothing - inspired by Alpine traditions - interpreted in a contemporary way.

Our Story

Hilda.Henri kids clothing was established 2013 in Vienna, Austria by fashion designer Verena Wondrak.  

It all began with designing a very special jumper dress. Using boiled wool, a former mountain farmers fabric and interpreting it in a very fresh, minimalistic and modern way attracted plenty of attention to the high-quality kids clothing label. The original Hilda.Henri jumper was born.
The collections were growing and the selection of special designs were expanding constantly, but Hilda.Henri remained faithfully to the successful recipe: Alpine traditions in a contemporary way.

From the very beginning the label is focused on regional production and international worldwide distribution.

2017 Hilda.Henri was awarded with coveted Milk Award in Tokyo for best collection - a wonderful recognition for its focus on high-quality kidsclothing, special fabrics and unique designs.

Our Essentials

The childrens fashion brand draws inspiration from both traditional craftsmenship and contemporary art.
Hilda.Henri embodies timeless silhouettes and playful attention to detail, such as knitted wool trims, cut edges and embroideries.

Own pattern designs are giving the collections an artistic touch.

Each garment is carefully handmade.

Hilda.Henri favors natural, authentic high-quality fabrics, rooted in the Alpine region and emphasizes on sustainable, regional and fair production – following the rules of a traditional handcraft. Partners are old established family businesses with a longtime knowledge – settled in between the mountains and nature.

Our Styles

Hilda.Henri offers extraordinary styles for kids and teens, both boys and girls between 2 and 16years.

Key pieces are dresses, skirts, blouses, shirts, corsages, pants, overalls, and coats. Special accessories like scarfs, collars, aprons and belts are complementing the collections of authentic luxury.



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Contemporary Design

Handpainted Prints, Scetchy Prints, Creative, Playful Prints for Dresses, Blouses, Shirts, Skirts, Leggins and Accessoiries

Timeless Silhouettes

High-Quality Kidsclothing, Authentic Luxury, European Childrens Clothing