For this new Spring/Summer season Hilda.Henri goes INTO THE WILD.
Summer`s shimmering heat is the great opportunity to start a prowl, barefoot of course - shoes are not needed - following tracks straight ahead towards the sun, cooling down in the shadow of enchanted places. Back from this trip shining eyes and dusty feet tell stories about thrilling things encountered on the way.  A period full of promises. What adventures will this summer bring? We got inspired by the magic of nature, shimmering flowers, dreamlike butterflies, peacocks and birds of paradise. Also longing to catch this special mood like on a jungle trip: not knowing what comes next just around the corner. Following this spirit our new summer line contains many surprises as well. The result is a colorful range and at the same time, with an expressive, yet subtle artistic touch.


SS16  Photoshoot by  Julian Mullan