For this new autumn/winter collection Hilda.Henri remembers one of the biggest childhood dreams: to fly and rise ABOVE THE CLOUDS.
These are our fresh memories we bring back from our imaginary journey while working on AW16. Bright colors of glowing horizons appearing as though from nowhere, sparkling for moments, and then vanishing back into the darkness . Rich red and orange tones, pink, mustard and turquoise meet plain black and white and muted colors. The silhouettes of our skirts and dresses remind of puffy clouds. By using colorful patches and special refinements we take a playful approach to the topic. For our expressive patterns Hilda.Henri got inspired by the work of the contemporary artist Sterling Ruby, whose paintings we admire from the bottom of our hearts. They give the range a special lightness, providing exciting contrasts to the heavy qualities of milled loden and wool.